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Starring… your thoughts!

Thoughts in your mind are like actors on a stage. Imagine you are the Tech – you have absolutely no control over the actors who come on stage or how long they stay there for (that’s the Directors job and a whole different simile). All that’s in your control is the spotlight, and with it you can decide which actors (thoughts) you give your time and attention to. Sometimes the… Read More »Starring… your thoughts!

Twenty Twenty Won… Or Did It?

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So drama from a Zoom box wasn’t ideal, we made it work. What did the Melbourne Lockdown teach us about how we really feel?

Circles of Presence

Which circle does your kid live in and how is it affecting their confidence and social skills?

The Two Faces of Sass

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Your kid is a natural performer, but could that diva gene actually be holding them back?

Drama in the Outback

THE TRIANGLE IS FOLLOWING ME EVERYWHERE! IT’S A SIGN! Mt Isa, tucked into the ochre red Selwyn Ranges on the banks of the Leichhardt River, is affectionately known as the ‘oasis of the outback’, and where I’ve decided to retreat to for my Christmas break after my first 6 months of being self appointed Diva Director of Dare Drama – a funky and fabulous Melbourne drama school for kids. After… Read More »Drama in the Outback

The Monster

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A Triangle By Any Other Shape

WHY I STARTED DARE DRAMA, AND MY VISION FOR A TRIANGLE ARMY THAT WOULD TAKE OVER THE WORLD.    Be yoursef. Trust your voice. Speak your truth… YAWN! I much prefer… Fly your weirdo flag high, so other weirdos can find you! That is exactly what I decided to do. Fly my colourful, slightly wonky, triangled shaped weirdo flag as high as I could, and as a result I managed… Read More »A Triangle By Any Other Shape