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Starring… your thoughts!

Thoughts in your mind are like actors on a stage.

Imagine you are the Tech – you have absolutely no control over the actors who come on stage or how long they stay there for (that’s the Directors job and a whole different simile). All that’s in your control is the spotlight, and with it you can decide which actors (thoughts) you give your time and attention to.

Sometimes the divas are throwing a tantrum, yelling out relentlessly for attention. Shining the spotlight on them for a moment or two will subside their attention seeking ways, but any more time in the spotlight and they will take over the show and ruin it for everyone. Similarly, destructive or negative, worrying thoughts can bring your whole mood and mental health dangerously down if you dwell on them long enough.

Although we don’t have control the thoughts that pop into our minds, we can control how long we entertain those that do. Positive thinking can have a big impact on your physical and mental health. That doesn’t mean you ignore reality or make light of problems, just try to notice where you are aiming your spotlight and let the positive, happy thoughts get more air time.

You are in control of which thoughts you pay mind to.