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Why Dare Drama

Because we develop public speaking skills, self confidence, and presence while having fun learning theatrical skills. We also learn the benefits of mindfulness to help manage stress and anxiety.

“When I started drama I had no friends because I was shy to talk to people but now I’m brave and I have lots of friends at school” – Gabriella, age 9 (Sunbury)


Dare Drama is all about having fun and developing theatre skills while building resilience, confidence, kindness, and creativity.

DRAMA: Our activities are all centered around acting and stagecraft, with the opportunity to perform in front of an audience twice a year. Students explore different characters, expressions and physicalities, present group scene work and scripted pieces as well as challenging themselves with monologues, all of which are designed to develop their confidence, self esteem, self respect, and leadership skills. 

MINDFULNESS: Each session at all levels includes take-home mindfulness and gratitude techniques to encourage students to be more self-aware, helping reduce anxiety and maximise happiness. Simple activities – like visualising their moods like storms in the sky – help students understand how their minds work when experiencing negative emotions or stressors, and what they can do to calm themselves down.

VOICEWORK: From putting their hand up to offer an idea in class or speaking in front of their schools, to going for a job interview or an audition, to making a professional presentation, Dare Drama voice work teaches techniques to not only look, but actually feel more confident when public speaking. Our students develop a love of language, explore their self expression, and increase their communication skills allowing them to speak with pride and purpose.

IMPROVISATION GAMES: Theatre-sports style games and challenges help students find the YES attitude in any situation, encouraging students to break down barriers, let go, and laugh at themselves. Improvisation games improve listening and focus, decrease the fear of failure, and encourage participants to help each other look good – skills that are transferable to all other facets of life.

PRESENTATIONS: We have two casual presentations a year – one each at the end of Term 2 and Term 4. Our mid year presentation is a relaxed, open day style showing of what goes on in weekly classes generally lasting 20-30 minutes, and held in-studio. Our end of year presentation is held in a larger more theatre-esque (!!) location, and where two or three classes each perform a 10-20 minute play for each other.  Total presentation time is one hour. Minimal stress and costume requirements. Maximum fun!