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Craigieburn on Mondays

Cleveland Drive Community Centre

4pm – 5pm (grade 1- 3)

5pm-6pm (grades 3-6) 

6pm – 7pm (high school)


Pascoe Vale on Tuesdays

Sussex Neighbourhood House

4pm – 5pm (grade 1 – 4)

5pm – 6pm (grade 4 – 6)

6pm – 7pm (high school)

7:15pm-8:30pm (ADULTS!!)


Coburg North on Wednesdays

1st Coburg Scout Group

4pm – 5pm (grade 1 – 4)

5pm – 6pm (grade 4 – 6)


Essendon on Thursdays and Saturdays

Essendon Baptist Church


4pm – 5pm (grades 1 – 3)

5pm – 6pm (grades 4 – 6)

6pm – 7pm (high school)



9:45-10:45 am (grades 3 – 6) 

10:45-11:45am (high school)


Sunbury on Fridays

Sunbury Neighbourhood House

4pm – 5pm (grade  1 – 4)

5pm – 6pm (grades 4 – 6)

6pm – 7pm (high school)


Fees are:

$209 per term for one student

$360 per term for two siblings 

$500 per term for three siblings 

Fees are charged at a pro rata rate depending on starting week.

Top Triangles (Adults Acting) classes in Pascoe Vale are $250 per term. Family discounts apply if you have a child attending our classes.


We offer 3 Week Taster Sessions, at the same studio, for $50. This is for all children’s classes only.

This Taster  fee will be deducted from your full term fee and should be paid by bank transfer or in cash BEFORE your first class. The remaining term fee is payable before your fourth lesson only if your child continues with the term.

We do not offer trials for our adult classes. If you’re a curious adult curious, just book on in and give a term a go – It’s fun I promise!!

Your child should be in grade 1 to join our youngest age group.

We have one mid year, in class, open day for family, friends, and prospective new families. This is a chance for families to get an idea of the fun we have in each session, and for students to have the opportunity to perform in front of an audience before their End of Year Presentation Day. This mid year Open Day is free of charge.

We have an end of year Presentation Day in a theatre style environment for most classes. Currently held on the 1st or 2nd weekend in December.  We aim for a really relaxed feel to it so no need for kids to feel anxious. It’s a chance for families to celebrate their child’s progress and and kids to enjoy the thrill of performing in front of an audience. We are not a stage school so do not use microphones or fancy costumes. Everything is home made by me, or you, and it’s a bit of fun to make our kids feel good about themselves. This End of Year Presentation Day is free of charge.


No. Our end of year shows have themes and costumes which will usually be found in your dress up boxes, or creatively inspired from items you already own. Some students like to source $2 shops or op shops for certain looks and we give lots of ideas on budget friendly costumes that still look great!

Although we sometimes have songs as part of classes or end of year shows, singing and dancing are not part of our curriculum. 

Approximately 16 kids in each of our classes.

Mindfulness Techniques – a mindful minute or two to teach self reflection and breathing techniques to reduce anxiety and learn to manage our emotions;

Public Speaking Skills – voice work to teach projection and articulation, as well as how to engage an audience during a presentation, and helping students putting thoughts into words;

Theatre based activities – acting and stage skills including group plays, partner scenes, character physicality, and scripts. Our Teen program also includes monologues, character development, debates, as well as examining stage presence and theatrical skills further.

Improvisational Challenges – building confidence, creativity, and learning to let go of the fear of failure through a variety of Who’s Line Is It Anyway style challenges;

In all our lessons we aim to have fun and build trust with one another, and students are encouraged to develop and grow at their own pace while supporting one another.

One hour, once a week.

Not currently though we are working to develop these . Please do get in touch to express your interest.

We ask parents not to remain inside the class for the duration as it inhibits participation from students. If either parent or student is feeling a little nervous before the first class, or if parents are just curious to see what goes on, you are welcome to sit and watch from the foyer or just outside the main door. In all studios you can see and hear everything from these positions.