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Drama in the Outback


Mt Isa, tucked into the ochre red Selwyn Ranges on the banks of the Leichhardt River, is affectionately known as the ‘oasis of the outback’, and where I’ve decided to retreat to for my Christmas break after my first 6 months of being self appointed Diva Director of Dare Drama – a funky and fabulous Melbourne drama school for kids.

After breaking free and trusting in myself to go it alone as Chief Executive Drama Queen, and an extremely emotional 6 months,I needed a break. And as previously mentioned, the break I’ve chosen has come in the form of the Rodeo Capital of Australia.

Mt Isa – rugged and enduring. Its harsh picturesque landscape teeming with spinifex and with a breeze in summer that’s dry and coarse and hot. Really, really hot. Although I’ve come to spend Christmastime with my partner’s family who live here, I have my own connection with the town having been crowned ‘Miss Tiny Tot Mt Isa 1983’. Yes, really. My father is a geologist and worked here between 1982-1983 so my mother and I called The Isa, in arid and romantic Outback Australia, home.

Anyway, Christmas Day has come and gone, special with a very welcoming extended family including 4 of the blondest, most gorgeous kids I’ve met and I’ve met quite a few, and now we entertain ourselves with the rugged terrain and fresh water lakes on the third day of 46 degrees. To escape the heat we venture into ‘Outback at Isa’ Tourist Centre for some educational, air-conditioned relief. I am surprised at my intrigue in the ‘Riversleigh Fossil Centre’ but my interest is piqued in the ‘Isa Experience’ when I see the array of natural rocks, slick and sparkling stones, and the minerals mined over years. In one particular cabinet of crystals my ye is drawn to a reddish rock in the rough shape of a triangle – I giggle to myself thinking the Dare Drama Logo is following me everywhere.

In case you were not aware, that pink Triangle (yes, at Dare Drama we spell Triangle with a capital ‘T’) is our symbol of resilience, self belief, and confidence.. and the general awesomeness displayed by all our students. The triangle is the strongest of ALL of the shapes because it doesn’t fold under external pressure (it’s resilient), it has a strong base, a solid foundation (it knows who it is and is ok with that), and it points upwards (believing in itself and in what it can achieve).

The little pink crystal rock, shaped like a triangle and that had my full attention, is called Erythrite, also known as Red Cobalt. On further, less scientific more astrological research, of which my father the geophysicist would roll his eyes and wonder how the apple fell so far from the tree, the hippie in me is thrilled to discover that these bright crimson crystals (minerals actually, Dad) are stones of, wait for it, personal empowerment and self assurance. Whaaat?! They also help to improve your ability to communicate allowing you to be confident and fluent in your speech. Shut UP!! I’m stunned.  It could not be more perfectly aligned with Dare Drama, in colour, shape, and properties!

In short, to my Dare Drama students and families, I introduce you to Erythrite, stone of self confidence and official stone of Dare Drama.

Come be a Triangle with us!